March 7, 2012

In a previous post I talked a little about seeing with fresh eyes.  There is a passage in the Psalms that is connected to seeing with fresh eyes.  The passage is basically a clinic in taking time to pause…stop…and listen to our lives.  As humans it is one of our greatest advisories, the ability to think about ourselves and how life is going. Relationships.  Impact.  Struggles.  The pace of our lives is fast, hectic and only wants to move even faster as we get older. College students, your Freshman year goes by so fast and the next three years go by even faster.  Our culture leaves very little room and offers no value to taking time to think, reflect and pause.  Even prayer is often seen as unproductive and outdated.
Our hearts are a mystery to us.  Only God can look into the depths and pull out the things we need to see.  This can only happen if we will take time to stop…to pause.  Examine me, O Lord, and try me; test my mind and my heart.  God is on our side and longs for us to be His. We have our mental check list with pen in hand…I don’t do this “bad thing” and I have stayed away form that “bad thing.”  In our eyes we might think were doing pretty well, if well was all about actions. We need fresh eyes to see what is truly inside our hearts.  We need fresh eyes to discover where we are placing our trust. Trust is about who and not about what. If we regularly take time to pause and ask Him to examine our hearts and show us who we are and where our trust is finding its home… there will be stability and security in a hectic and crazy world.  All we have to do is slow down, rest and pause.

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