Good Conversation

March 9, 2012

I started looking at decisions like paths in the road, wondering where each path was going to take me.  I learned not to trust my instincts, seeing that often something that looked like a good move would cost me everything.  Sometimes I would even walk away from the table, got to the bathroom or just stretch and rest my head for a second…On nights when I was patient, I almost always won.

This is out of the book Father Fiction by Donald Miller.  He is describing what he learned by playing chess with his friend.

This made me think of a conversation I had today with a student who is working through life, relationships, faith and future.  This student is navigating with class and maturity.  A level of maturity that I wish I would have discovered as a college student.  As we talked it became clear that there seemed to be this push to sprint through life.  Find a mate choose a career and make money all in the span of four years of college.    Our culture seems to push us to take big steps, to jump into relationships, or career paths.  There is this pressure to make quick decisions and it has to be now.  I am guessing that the number one question that is served to our college kids or single career friends is, are you dating anyone?  The second question, only second my a a tiny amount, is what are you going to do with a degree in…? The lesson from the chess board is simple, be patient.  Take your time.  Slow down.  Enjoy everyday and let tomorrow take care of itself.  Slow down and be patient as you make the decisions that will determine the trajectory of your life.

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