Project U

March 12, 2012

Looking into our lives or pausing is not the easiest endeavor.  Many times we don’t know where to start.  This post is dedicated to encouraging you to look inward and think about you.  There are four areas of focus for this project.  The four areas that make you…you….are as follows:  physical side, emotional side spiritual side, and relational side.  That is pretty basic and a great place to start as you begin to look inward.

So…Step 1:. Ask the four questions below to each of the four areas in your life.  Step 2:. Write down (or talk it over with a roommate or trusted friend) what you discover and take time to reflect on your answers.  Step 3:. Write me and tell me how it went. (completely optional of course…)

A few ideas to consider as you work through the areas of you.  What was the easiest one to answer?  Why?  What is off the charts awesome?  How did it get there? What area(s) are a real struggle right now in your life?  Why?  What needs to happen over the next week, month 3 months or 6 months to grow through the hard issues?  Can any of this be done all by yourself?  Is there someone you can talk to about these questions?

The four questions
What is right?
What is wrong?
What is missing?
What is confusing?

Example: ( These always help me when I am doing something new…)
In my emotional life, what is right? In my emotional life, what is wrong? In my emotional life, what is missing? In my emotional life, what is confusing?

Take it slow. You can answer all of them at once or take one per day over the next four days.  It doesn’t matter.  The key is making some space in your schedule to look inward, pause and see what is going on in you.

Let me know how it goes.

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