March 22, 2012

Life has many obstacles that impend our lives. We have dreams of where we want to go in life. We plan out our lives or have a general idea of where or what we want to do. As life flows from day to day there are obstacles that slow our pace, change our plans or derail our entire life. Yesterday I tweeted (sounds sexual) that there are three obstacles that hinder where I want to go. The three obstacle from my life are, distractions, transitions, and the obstacle of pressure. I am going to use my next three blog entries to look at each one of these hindrances.

Distractions are the greatest obstacles that I face on a regular basis. I get distracted. Every time my wife and I go on a trip we begin talking. We talk about the kids, money, our house, our kids, students, family, my frustrations about this or that, about what I want to do when I grow up… where would like to be when we retire from youth ministry… All kinds of stuff. When I get talking I zone out and loose sight of exits, directions, speed and everything that matters to get us form point A to point B. I get distracted. We knew our destination, but we lost focus… we got distracted.

We all get distracted and I am working on eliminating the distractions from my life. I have people who help me stay focused because I need help. Distractions lead us off course and usually make us work twice as hard to get back. What are the distractions in your life? How can you eliminate distractions? Who can help you stay focused?

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