March 20, 2012

Do you ever have days when it feels like life is against you. It feels like you are playing a game without knowing the rules. It seems like at every turn there is a road block, miss information, conflict or confusion that quickly turns to extreme frustration. It doesn’t know you need to think for 30 seconds and consider all the options. Life happens fast and some days we feel like were loosing. It feels like we are down fifteen with ten seconds on the clock.(too much March madness…)
I have days like this…even weeks. However in the back of my mind there is this particular piece of wisdom that provides an energy boost to my weary soul. “We are more than conquerors…” The Greek(hupernikomen)literally means to have absolute and complete victory because of who is for you… When life feels nasty and difficult, like you are wadding through muck that comes up to your knees…you have victory. Why? How? Remember who is for you. When you feel pressured to quit, or hesitant to stand for what you believe, remember who is for you. When you don’t want to keep going and the life you have chosen doesn’t seem worth it…remember who is for you. When fear arrives, remember who is for you. All the evil plans of this world will never succeed…ever. He is for you!
So…look the problem, issue, struggle, fear, pain or crisis in the face and politely say, “hupernikomen…He already has victory and He is for me!

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