Not even close!

May 25, 2012

I saw this video on Eugene Cho blog. Ha has really good stuff! In 2 weeks we will be discussing the issue of homosexuality with our students and with the adults in our gathering. The issue is continually at the fore front of our culture. There is the debate about same sex marriage. Recently, our president stated that same sex couples should be allowed to be married. Is same sex marriage really the issue? Why is there such a fight against it? That is not the beginning of the conversation… The issue is not going away, and of course the Church is falling behind on a well thought out response. The video is not even close to the proper response. Unfortunately it is how the “church” is perceived and that is so sad. We see the signs and hear the language people who say they follow Jesus, use when “standing” up for their beliefs. It is sad, disappointing and it pisses me off! As a precursor to our discussing this issue with the students I will be posting as I work through my response to this issues….I think…maybe I won’t have it all figured out…but I know it won’t be like the ignorant man in the video…not even close!! Maybe it is one of those things that we will do well to keep the conversation open…and always…always respond in love…

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