In the Middle

May 16, 2012

It is the time of year when ministry slows down, but speeds up. Former students return home from college or wherever they ventured off to after high school…and they are in the middle of two worlds.

The Seniors graduate and have their parties that serve great food and they now are in the middle of two worlds.

It is the cycle of the end of one world and a new beginning for the other. When you stop one thing it is inevitable you begin another…or maybe even more than one. Each new phase or summer or semester turns out new opportunities and new connections. We get these pockets of time that seem like they don’t fit, or that we don’t fit. We get caught in the middle of two worlds. Both familiar and very much ours, but very different in context, relationships and routine.

My life is in the middle. For me it is difficult to be fully present in two worlds. I find myself looking forward and looking back. I try to engage in both, but it is hard to be fully present on both sides of the fence. The cycle will naturally deliver me to m new destination, mission, task, and world, but until then I am standing in the middle of life…

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