Good connecting

November 11, 2014

This past few days have reconnected with some good buds.  In the span of three days three good friends called me on consecutive nights.  One is out East in school, one is down South in school and the other is 20 minutes from my house working and making some cash.  I know all three through youth ministry.  In my former life I was a youth pastor and loved every second of it…maybe not the early years when lock-ins were popular, but everything else was great.

There is a new Budweiser commercial advertising their beer, but its more then just beer.  They are capturing some regular people and asking them to round up some “buds” for the holidays. Great idea and probably a solid move for advertising. If I were to round up some buds, those three guys who I spoke with on the phone would definitely be on the list.

Life is relationships.  Good ones, bad ones, unclear ones, and a billion other combinations.  I met with a guy on Monday who is dealing with a few different kinds of relationships and some were going really well and others were experiencing some turbulence.  All our relationships matter, but some should be higher on the priority list.  The aspect of my relationships that I want to improve is investing in the right people, in the right way at the right time.

The people I know are moving through life and moving away, getting married or beginning new jobs.  Those are major life benchmarks and it seems like a good time round up some buds, deepen the relationships and walk with them in whatever ways are appropriate.  Maybe its time for you to rethink the relationships in your life?

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