Does God love me?

June 27, 2013

A former student stopped by to talk.  He had been told God doesn’t  love him anymore because he listens to a certain kind of music and hangs around certain types of people.  The person who told him this loves him and was not being mean, but might have simply overstated their opinion…which happens everyday.  We talked and seemed to make some progress.  I said, “as you walk out that door there are a few things I am certain of:  1. God loves you, 2.You are ugly and 3. I love ya.”

Sometimes things we fear scare us into holding onto convictions that are not from the heart of God.  Our world is full of competing and opposite convictions that are constantly being played out all over the world.  There are so many people with ideas, thoughts, emotions and beliefs.  I am not an expert on your beliefs or even my own…but our time on this planet is so short.  Its precious. Most of us won’t invent something that alters human history.  Most of us won’t rise to superstar status or become president with the power to change our world.  But each and everyone of us has the ability to choose.  We can choose to love.  We can choose to impact lives and influence our world by choosing love.  I am certain love is the best choice.  No matter how much you disagree…love.  When you love everything changes.  That co-worker you can’t stand try love.  The parent who is driving you crazy…try love.  The couple in the bar…try love.  When you are not sure…love



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