August 28, 2012

ABOUT THE PICTURE: “Prayer flags are printed with holy Buddhist invocations and often prayer flags bear the image of a winged horse in addition to written prayers; horses are sacred creatures in the Sherpa cosmology and are believed to carry the prayers heavenward with special speed. The Sherpa term for prayer flag is lung ta, which translates literally as “wind horse.””

A new interesting book I am reading is called Into Thin Air by John Krakauer. It recounts his true expedition to the summit of Mount Everest. The author puts you on the mountain on the journey up the beast called Everest. My ignorance of what it would take to complete such an amazing trek is blooming as I turn the pages. The amount of money, time, and suffering that it takes to reach the summit is beyond understanding. It is one of the challenges that will (happily) remain in my dreams.

There is so much planning and detail that goes into an attempt on everest. The gear, equipment, medical supplies, clothing, and food would probably come close to filling a semi trailer. All that “stuff” has to be hiked in, or up to base camp and then to the four other camps along the route to the top. Expedition teams hire Sherpas to help haul a majority of all the “stuff”. Sherpas are men who live in the region who’s bodies are conditioned to handle high altitude climbing. The success of most teams that reach the top are largely do to the quality and stamina of the sherpas.

Many times my “Everest” is simply everyday living; doing the daily tasks, and responding to daily demands. Life can be extremely busy, harsh, and unknown. Its great to know that I have “sherpas” in my life that help me carry the load or complete the task. Spiritually we have Christ who empowers us with the holy spirit to continue the fight when we feel like giving up or taking an alternate unwise trail…that might seem better or easier, but leads to death.

Maybe there is an “Everest” in your life. An insurmountable task, struggle or relationship that continues to defy victory. Maybe its time to involve a “sherpa” in order to finally conquer the great mountain in your life?

What is your “Everest?” Who is your “sherpa?”

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