August 9, 2012

I am in a conference listening to multiple speakers. It is a good conference, but I tend to zone out and think about other things…or draw boxes…its just who I am…My thoughts have been drifting to those of you returning to classes or heading off to class for the first time. Its exciting, scary, wonderful, intense, exhilarating and fast paced. There is so much coming at you at break neck speed. Moving, classes, friends, money, supplies, sleep (or lack of), relational conflict, and many other elements pouring down on you like a bucket of water.

A few years ago one of the big dogs of the conference shared something that helped him be extremely organized and strategically focused on the many tasks in his life of leadership and ministry. (he also shared it today at the conference too) It is called 6 x 6. Simply choose 6 task, challenges or projects and over the next 6 weeks focus your time and energy on these six items.

The idea is to take all the demands and break them up into manageable chunks…”None of us can sprint an entire marathon, but we can do short burst of speed.” Hybels.

So…in the next 6 weeks what 6 things in your life will get a laser focus and strategic intentionality?
If you make a list…send it to me and I’ll post them (without your name and if its ok with you) as examples as examples from other people lives. I am working on mine this week and will post them very soon.

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