So it begins

May 17, 2017

It is a privilege to sit with young men and hear them process their faith and walk with them on their journey.  Here are some of the insights that were shared as three (one was missing…) young men on the grow put words to their thoughts about God after reading a synopsis of His story from Genesis to Revelation

Our time was framed by four questions:


Who is God : constant – promise keeper – never changing one – perfect love – He always has a plan –

What has He done:   Sent his Holy Spirit – He gave us His word ( His love letter to us; his voice mail to us) – He gave us Jesus!- Made a way for us…. Continuity of provision in the desert, at the Mt, in Jesus – Community/Church, – Kept his promises – He gave us the big picture – We can always Look back an see his Faithfulness

Who are we? – little Christ’s – Free – Defined by Jesus – To know how to follow you must know who you are following  – Children of God (generic answer) but are we really..  – Imitator of Christ  – In Christ – Positional we are His adopted sons

How do we live? counter culture – hippy sandals – How do you identify yourself  – who gets to say who you are? – free – legacy, reputation, tomb stone – making a name for myself – How do I want to live….is a big question as it relates to 50 years of life – live on purpose – one day at a time as He leads one step at a time

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