December 10, 2012

Many of you are staying up late cramming for finals, rushing to complete projects, and turning in that last paper of the semester…that is due by 5 o’clock. Rush.  Hurry.  Stress.  Crazy.  Busy.  These are words that describe your last few days before break.  Speaking with many of you in this time of crazy I try to reduce the 1000 tasks that must be completed to focus on one thing at a time.

When the wheel begins to crank and time begins to bleed together into one giant monotonous blur we can feel stuck, This can effects us relationally, spiritually and physically.  Friendships seem stale, spiritually we feel distant, and physically we are drained.   In most of these areas we usually feel like we need to be doing more or doing better.  We think in our heads or even say out loud, “I need to hang out with so and so more”;   “I need to pray more”; “I  need to go work out more…”.  More this and more that in a life that is already taxed with tests, papers and projects.

There were some religious leaders back in the day who added a lot of “do mores” to an already intense list of do’s.  The number is estimated to be 613 do’s by the time Jesus arrives on scene.  It is normal for people to add rules to established rules to add clarity, but not Jesus.  Jesus was given a pop quiz, which of the do’s is most important?  Jesus revealed to the world the relational core of God when he answered the question: love God and  love others.  Love. Just Love.

Instead of viewing your faith as a bunch of do’s…view it as a life of Love.

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One comment on “Finish…

  1. good word, jesse. it’s a refreshing thought in the midst of a crazy week. you’re really on a “list” kick these days, eh? Glad to see God’s still speaking fresh words through you, my brother. miss you terrrrrbly.